Best medical websites for students and health professionals

Published on 20/5/2022 by Jose Cancino ‐ 3 min
Best medical websites for students and health professionals

There are many websites available online, accessing all of them searching for information is practically impossible. When studying a career in the medical field, it’s difficult to find reliable and organized content in this sea of information, adding the short daily time we set aside for surfing the internet.

Knowing and mastering what these sites have to offer is important to develope skills as future professionals. Here is a list of sites that will enhance your study and increase your productivity at no additional cost.

Medscape (General)


Medscape offers a range of helpful services for healthcare students and graduates. Of particular note is the interactive mini-clinical exam that encourages learning while mastering a specific topic.

These tests usually do not exceed five questions grading your answer and adding the correct result. If you have made a mistake, you can see the percentage of people who have also made your mistake, plus a detailed explanation of the correct answer.

MSD Manual (General)

MSD Manual

MSD Manual is a catalogue that groups all diseases in alphabetical order. It also offers several extra resources that improve the understanding and integration of the disease characteristics and available treatments.

Another plus point of this medical website is the numerous videos, guides and recent news of high impact journals. It also offers a pearl with featured random medical content every day.

WebPath (Pathology)


Webpath, edited at the University of Utah, is a website with an extensive list of images related to general pathology. Although it doesn’t have a search engine, the contents are organized intuitively and simply.

This web provides a set of exams with several subcategories showing your score as you progress. It also offers a series of virtual patients to practice your diagnostic skills. Finally, it has tutorials with additional images for the different topics.

DermNet NZ (Dermatology)

DermNet NZ

DermNet NZ is a public index of dermatological diseases. Images are accompanied by a full description of the medical condition and extra resources for further study.

It’s a free website with no need to create an account or log in to view the images. As of today, it is one of the best sites out there for those interested in Dermatology.

Radiopaedia (Radiology)


Radiopaedia contains a large number of images from radiology clinics free of charge. We can go from a simple chest X-ray test to a more complex test like a single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT).

This website works similar to Wikipedia, where medical staff from all over the world submit clinical cases with radiological images. After an initial evaluation, the selected images will be added to the index with immediate availability to all users.



MDCalc has registered all or almost all the formulas and indexes used in the health sciences. An outstanding feature is that the information can be grouped according to specialities, facilitating its use.

Interestingly, each formula or index includes a brief history of its origin and creators. The scientific evidence can also be consulted, many of them up to date.

Final thoughts

The above-described sites provide an appropriate and up-to-date learning environment. If you have a suggestion for a medical website, you can leave it in the comments. This list will grow over time as we explore more online resources.

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